"Kremlin needs a break," - lawyer Feigin about court decision to adjourn Savchenko's closing statement

It's not Ukrainian pilot Savchenko's final plea that judges adjourn, but the date of verdict.

Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feigin told Censor.NET's correspondent.

It was expected that after today's debate, Nadiia Savchenko would deliver her closing statement. But after the speech of lawyers and a short argument between Savchenko and prosecutors, the judge adjourned the hearing until March 9.

"What's the point? Savchenko's final plea would have taken just a few minutes, they could have heard it today. The court simply was not ready to announce the date of verdict. It's not Ukrainian pilot Savchenko's final plea that judges adjourn, but this very date," Mark Feigin said after the court session in the city of Donetsk, the Rostov region of Russia.

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According to Feigin, this is due to intensifying international pressure on Moscow in connection with the matter. "This case may have an unpleasant outcome for the Kremlin unlike other Ukrainians' cases, Sentsov and so on. Here, you won't get off with a 20-year imprisonment. The consequences will come at much higher cost. So, of course, the Kremlin needs a break," Feigin said.

Also, Feigin suggests this pause was taken in order to clarify the circumstances of the case of Russians Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev tried in Kyiv.

"This time is needed in order to figure out the situation in Kyiv and how soon a solution could be found. I think that everything is somehow connected. The Russian consulate deals with the fate of Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev. I have unofficial information from Ambassador Zurabov that Savchenko will be released," the lawyer stated.
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