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 Krasnov arrested while trying to retrieve 30 kilos of explosives from cache, - source

Stanislav Krasnov, suspected of espionage on behalf of Russia, was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine when he was attempting to retrieve 30 kilos of explosives - a mixture of plastic-based explosive and hexogen - and 10 detonators from a cache.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote in his article "The circumstances of the case of Stanislav Krasnov", citing own sources in the security agency.

"It's not just some small arms from the action area for self-defense. Such explosives in such quantities are not used at the front-line. It is a weapon used by saboteurs," Butusov stressed.

He also noted that the SBU had not served Krasnov notice of suspicion of spying but only illegal possession of weapons as there was not a single judge in the Shevchenkivskyi district court in Kyiv with the right of access to top secret evidence in the case.

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"Krasnov was released to receive treatment in a hospital despite the fact that the judge saw the pictures of explosives in the cache. Now the SBU is urgently declassifying the materials of the case to make them public," the journalist wrote.

Yurii Butusov believes that Krasnov's case is too high-profile and the evidence against him is too powerful to consider the option of the house arrest.

"It is unacceptable if Krasnov will be allowed to escape - 30 kilos of explosives is an immense amount and it is crucial to find out where exactly those explosives came from. The trial is required. The evidence should be made public. But judging by the available materials, his confinement was justified. Another thing is beating of a detainee, which is illegal. His health supervision must also be thorough. I remind that only the court determines whether the suspect is guilty of commission of a grave crime or not.

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"It is necessary to separate emotions from the facts. Krasnov is important as a wholesome and alive witness, who must testify in the court what he has to do with 30 kilos of plastic-based explosive and what he knows about it. He must be adequately guarded to exclude his disappearance. The public should be able to acquire all the necessary information on the case during the open trial with the participation of lawyers. I hope that all confidentiality will be lifted and the court will receive all the necessary materials of the case soon. Nothing should drag out the investigation," Butusov summed up.

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