Savchenko starts "dry" hunger strike: court suddenly adjourned last plea until March 9


Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko is set to launch "dry" hunger strike today.

She announced this after the judge adjourned the hearing until March 9, Censor.NET correspondent informs.

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It was expected that after today's debate, Nadiia Savchenko would deliver her last statement. But after the speech of lawyers and a short argument between Savchenko and prosecutors, the judge adjourned the hearing until March 9.

"The trial is adjourned until March 9, 11 a.m.," the judge said.

The live broadcast in the press room terminated. The debate ended. The lawyers asked the court to completely justify Nadiia Savchenko. The prosecutors said they believed the fault of the defendant was allegedly totally proved.

As reported by Censor.NET correspondent, when Nadiia was taken out, she cried: "Glory to Ukraine!" A few people - supporters from Kyiv and activists shouted back: "Glory to the heroes!" "Glory to the nation!" Nadiia cried. "Death to enemies!" they returned. In turn, the police officer remarked: "Do not cry!"

After the lawyers finished their speech, Kuznetsov took the floor. He said that Savchenko's phone calls passed through cell towers in Luhansk before she was captured.

In turn, Nadiia started to yell at him: "You haven't carried out a single phone examination with representatives of Ukraine! Neither have you done with Russian experts. On that day, I was fighting in Shchastia. I wasn't in any Luhansk! That's bullshit!"

After that, lawyer Novikov once again retold the arguments of the defense.

"You're sitting and smiling. No one even in Russia believes you. Guys, you've screwed up big time!" Savchenko told the prosecutors. After that, the judge suddenly adjourned Savchenko's last plea until March 9, 11 a.m.
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