Judge Sokurenko, who lifted arrest of 13 million corrupt francs, owns house in downtown Kyiv and two expensive cars. PHOTOS

Kyiv Appeal Court judge Dmytro Sokurenko, known to have previously worked in Donetsk and ruled to lift the arrest of Liechtenstein accounts of infamous judge Artur Yemelianov's wife, is living high.

Journalist Dmytro Hnap writes on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

судья сокуренко

"Look at the photo. This is judge of the Kyiv Appeal Court Dmytro Sokurenko. He was transferred to Kyiv from Donetsk. It is this judge who has recently lifted the arrest of Liechtenstein accounts of infamous judge Artur Yemelianov's wife, with 13 million Swiss francs on them. Ukraine had every chance to get the money back. Now the perspective is vague," Hnap notes.

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судья сокуренко

"In the second photo, one can see the Sokurenko's house in Pechersk [elite district of Kyiv - ed.]. It is near the Motherland monument. Other photos show cars of the infamous judge - Chevrolet Starcraft and Toyota Prado," the journalist writes.

судья сокуренкосудья сокуренко

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"However, if you try to take actions against Sokurenko, you will hardly succeed. As his wife Svitlana Shokun heads the judicial inspectors' service at the High Qualification Commission of Judges.

судья сокуренко

"Well, you've just watched another series of "Ukraine's Judicial Cosa Nostra." The SBU, the PGO, and the NABU watch this movie on a regular basis. In fact, they just watch," the journalist concludes.

As previously reported, Liechtenstein is ready to return 13 million francs to Ukraine, frozen on the accounts of Ukrainian judge Yemelianov (pictured below). The funds could have been confiscated and returned to Ukraine if the Ukrainian justice had established their criminal origin.

судья сокуренко

The revealed funds are owned by former judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, who held the position during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p377409