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 “We ready to shed our blood for freedom of Ukraine and Europe, but want to be recognized as Europeans,” – MP Lutsenko

Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary faction Chairman Yurii Lutsenko has called on the European Union to recognize that the Ukrainians and Europeans share the same blood.

He said this during a press conference at the European Parliament attended by leaders of factions and groups of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

"What do we want from Europe? We are ready to shed our blood for the freedom of Ukraine and Europe, but we also want to hear: "We are of the same blood!" Just as Kipling wrote: "Ukrainians, we are of the same blood!" This is all we ask for from the Dutch and all the Europeans. We'll be on the forefront in this war. We ask herewith to be given a signal of solidarity and support regarding the thousands of killed officers and more than 10,000 civilians," Lutsenko said.

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According to the leader of the largest parliamentary faction, the Ukrainians would like "the reputable Dutch citizens to remember the fate of the country with a 45-million population, which was abducted from European House 350 years ago, and which is currently at the forefront in military terms - at the front line between two civilizations".

"Ukraine has been a training area for three empires all these centuries. This is our destiny. We have always been fighting for our freedom paying in blood for it. And this time, during Putin's aggression, we are also paying in blood... Our soldiers are fighting not solely for Ukraine today, they are fighting for the world order that Putin has challenged. No one casts doubt that this war is not for the territory. This war is for rules in Europe," Lutsenko said.

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