Reforms in Ukraine visible, corruption remains, - Pyatt

Ukraine's government has made real progress, but corruption is still a serious issue.

Censor.NET reports citing U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt's announcement on air of ZIK TV channel.

"The Government has made real progress. Ukrainians should be very proud of what the President, the Government, the Prime Minister have accomplished in terms of cleaning up the energy sector, restoring stability to the financial sector, excellent work of the Ukrainian central bank stabilizing the currency. But now it's not the time to give up. Now it's not the time to lose all those efforts," the Ambassador said.

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However, according to Pyatt, corruption remains a part of business and political culture, and the progress will be witnessed by judgments on the greatest corruptionists.

"The fact that, two years after the Revolution of Dignity, you still have no prominent individual who has been brought through the trial process, have their day in court, been convicted and sentenced, is a source of huge frustration. I know, it's - all the Ukrainians that I speak with. That's, actually, a very simple question - demonstrate that the system has started to change. Have somebody who is guilty of high-level political corruption and actually hold them legally accountable for what they've done. Ukraine has pretty good laws now, so it's not a question of writing new laws? It's a question of implementing them. And that takes cooperation between prosecutors, the courts, and the political system that is going to have to decide whether or not to really make a decisive break with the past," the diplomat summed up.
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