Political instability in Ukraine affects US aid initiatives, - Deputy Speaker Parubii

The lack of stability in Ukraine's political situation has a direct effect on the debate in Washington about further allocation of aid to Kyiv.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to Ukrinform, this was announced by Verkhovna Rada First Deputy Chairman Andrii Parubii.

"Of course, the American side is strongly concerned about the political instability, and they talk about it openly," the first deputy speaker said, commenting on the results of first meetings in Washington in the framework of his visit to the United States.

According to him, now "we can speak quite frankly that instability in Ukraine gives rise to a kind of cooling." American partners are rather discreet in saying that under such conditions they will have difficulties speaking about implementation of many programs, including those carried out currently.

"Many people here [in Washington - ed.], skeptical by nature, get an extra argument that Ukraine is not able to carry out reforms, that it is repeating the 2005 mistakes. Consequently, we can potentially feel that in case of continuation of the crisis, it will be harder and harder to convince many of our friends of the need to render assistance to Ukraine," Parubii said.

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He stressed that one of the key issues the American side is concerned about is further ways out of the political crisis in Ukraine.

"We're talking about the possibility to maintain stability in Ukraine, the possibility to get through this crisis period," the first deputy speaker said.

In particular, the United States want to know the details of voting for the motion of no confidence in the government and its resignation as well as the specific steps of the Ukrainian authorities in the fight against corruption, Parubii stated.

At the same time, according to him, not everyone in the U.S. capital knows to the full extent what Ukraine has already reached.

"It was a surprise for me to learn that so many things fulfilled in Ukraine are, in fact, very little known in the United States. I talked about how corruption in the gas sector was actually eliminated, what we have done in the parliament in terms of open examination of all public procurement and assets of officials, about the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office," the representative of the Ukrainian parliament remarked.

According to him, unfortunately, the West is crammed with great deal of fragmented and politicized information. The only thing is missing - "an organized message about what is done in Ukraine."

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