Russian journalist Stolyarova expelled from Ukraine, given five-year ban to enter the country, - SBU

мария столярова

Russian journalist Maria Stolyarova has been given a "one-way ticket" and expelled from Ukraine under supervision of the Security Service.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by SBU press officer Olena Hitlianska.

"Prior to that, SBU officers conducted an investigation into Stolyarova's activity. They were interested in the dirty words of the Russian citizen uttered on air during a story about the Heavenly Hundred Heroes. They also asked questions regarding her stay in the temporarily occupied territories in 2014 and a probable involvement in the "DPR/LPR" activity.

"Her posts in social media, which may contain traces of anti-Ukrainian propaganda, undergo systemic analysis, with a corresponding conclusion to follow.

"The SBU has decided to cut the duration of her stay in the territory of Ukraine for committing acts detrimental to the interests of our state. For the same reasons, she is banned from entering the country for a five-year period," the statement notes.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n376081