Investigators inquiring into case of ‘diamond prosecutors’ dismissed, - Sakvarelidze

Deputy Prosecutor General, Prosecutor of the Odesa region Davit Sakvarelidze confirms ousting of the investigators inquiring into the case of ‘diamond prosecutors’ Korniiets and Shapakin.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Sakvarelidze noted: "All our guys - the members of the General Inspectorate, created by me last May as part of the Prosecutor General's Office - have been ousted for two weeks. It is my earnest hope that PGO leadership will have the good sense and they all will be reinstated soon, as agreed earlier. We also look forward for the unit dealing with internal security issues to be subordinated to the General Inspectorate. This will make it efficient, and stop the blatant frame-up persecution of idealists, who are not afraid to oppose the system."

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He stressed: "The Prosecutor General, who is still endowed with powers, or a person acting on his behalf, are taking controversial decisions, to put it mildly, and violate the promise, given to me personally, to appoint all of them to the positions in the newly created, reshaped Department of the General Inspectorate. All the requests to appoint the investigators and prosecutors signed by me have been submitted to the Internal Security Service, which has been accountable directly to the Prosecutor General all this time. It was putting constant pressure on all our employees involved in more or less high-profile cases against corrupt prosecutors instead of taking measures aimed at cleansing the prosecution system. It is obvious that those people, who still have the power to appoint certain PGO members, need no idealists. Moreover, they recognize them as a threat."

"Unfortunately, they forget about one important thing - all these, dare I say it, heroes, who have taken the "diamond" and "dollar" prosecutors in hand, are the ones new Ukraine needs desperately. Neither I nor the entire clearheaded part of the society will not allow vendetta - of that I am also confident! We shall be victorious!" Sakvarelidze summed up.

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