"It's high time to bring in troops!" - Inter chief editor supported separatists and Russian occupants

The recent incident with Inter TV channel chief editor, citizen of Russia Maria Stolyarova, during which she intentionally or unintentionally abused the Heavenly Hundred Heroes by interrupting a live broadcast from Maidan with the words "Come on, finish this bullsh#t," may not be a random error.

Stolyarova said some "irretrievable malfunction" occurred and explained her deed by the fact she "mixed up buttons" and was "very nervous," Censor.NET reports referring to Chetverta Vlada.

However, a detailed study of her Facebook page shows that Stolyarova has systematically adhered to anti-Ukrainian views, working for a Ukrainian TV channel.

As previously reported, in May 2014 Stolyarova posted pictures with militants titled: "Very polite Vostok battalion! My favorite guys in Donetsk!"

Using the same account, where she names herself Matilda Stolyarova, she regularly published other anti-Ukrainian statements and insulted patriotic-inclined Ukrainians.

In spring 2014, Stolyarova said that "for my family, Crimea has always been Russian."

At the same time, during her stay in Kharkiv and Donetsk, Stolyarova systematically supported the actions of separatists and called on Russia to bring troops in Ukraine.

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"It's high time to bring in troops!" she wrote in one of the posts, rejoicing after separatists beat up pro-Ukrainian activists in Kharkiv.

Moreover, in May 2014 in Donetsk, Stolyarova filmed propaganda scenes for Russian TV.

However, such activity and position did not prevent Stolyarova from moving to "fascist" Kyiv in summer 2014 to work for one of the most popular Ukrainian TV channels. Considering the above biography of the Russian journalist, it is no surprise she uttered an offensive phrase at the dead activists.
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