Terrorist Khodakovsky suggests his possible elimination by order of Moscow: "When it comes to Mozgovoy-Dremov scenario, please, do it more delicately"

Former head of the Alpha detachment of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk region, who deserted to the terrorists, head of the “Security Council of the “Donetsk People’s Republic" and chieftain of the terrorists’ organized crime group Vostok Alexander Khodakovsky did not rule out his possible elimination by the order of Kremlin.

He wrote on LiveJournal, Censor.NET reports citing NV.UA.

He wrote that he was prohibited to enter Russia.

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"Many people know that I have been in the stop lists for a very long time, and not only for the local media. But few people know that I have also been banned to travel to Russia due to my stance for quite a long time, for over a year," Khodakovsky wrote.

He also wrote that his opinion on the "DPR" policy was completely at odds with the official position of Moscow.

"I argued at the highest level that we must not be treated roughly, that the approach should be more delicate, that an ascent here was a very valuable phenomenon, but I always received the same answer: Russia dislikes social activity," he wrote.

Khodakovsky made a remark on the campaign to discredit him and suggested possibility of his elimination.

"But I ask once again: taking enforcement actions against me, please, try to do it without making the others suffer. And when it comes to Mozgovoy-Dremov scenario, please, do not resort to the method applied to eliminate them: I move through densely populated neighborhoods so use a more delicate method," he wrote.

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It should be reminded that leader of the terrorists' Prizrak brigade Alexey Mozgovoy was assassinated May 23, 2015. Chieftain of the "Cossack" regiment of the "people's militia" of the "Luhansk People's Republic" Pavel Dremov was blown up in his own car Dec. 12, 2015.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n375538