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 “Third Maidan” gathered fewer people than rally to support police, - Interior Minister Avakov

The police are still not irreproachable. The agency still has a long way of changes to go, but the people have supported commitment to reform and challenges against the old rotten system.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote on his blog on Censor.NET.

"Why the rally to support the police has been attended by more people today than the so-called third Maidan? It was certainly not due to the fact that the police had already become irreproachable. They are far from perfect and still have a long way of changes to go.

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"The people have just demonstrated support as reaction to our ability to change, our commitment to reform. They expressed support to the challenge we launched against the old rotten system. And we cannot lose! All together!

"Therefore, if we make mistakes, we will eliminate them. We will be attacked and knocked down but shall get back on our feet. And we shall move forward step by step. Creating together is critical right now! Creating, no matter the hardships!

"I am grateful to everyone, who has joined the rally, all the believers, all those keeping their hopes up and building together with us!" he wrote.

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