"People carrying out pogroms and calling themselves 'Kokhanivskyi battalion' have nothing to do with OUN" – OUN head Chervak

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) is not involved in pogroms of Alfa-Bank, Sberbank of Russia and the office of Rinat Akhmetov's SKM company in Kyiv.

OUN head Bohdan Chervak wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"People carrying out pogroms and calling themselves "Kokhanivskyi battalion" have nothing to do with OUN," he stressed.

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"This is not the first attempt to use the name of the OUN to discredit the national liberation movement. Soviet NKVD officers who committed crimes against the Ukrainians are known to have masked as OUN and UPA fighters. Remember the so-called OUN headed by Kozak who shouted that "Yushchenko's wife is an American" on all TV screens in 2004. What happened in Kyiv on the day of the Heavenly Hundred, is a similar phenomena," the politician wrote.

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"I know that some OUN members are not happy with the current government. They constantly criticize it and have a moral right for it. But a real Ukrainian nationalist, the more an OUN member, would never throw cobblestones in an another Ukrainian, especially when he is wearing a uniform of the police or the National Guard because it could be his brother-in-arms," he noted.

"OUN would never play into Kremlin's hand because their task is to destroy the Moscow state. OUN members do not wear masks. They are on their own land and are not afraid of anybody," he said.

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