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 "President's right - country is in political turmoil due to PM’s reluctance to hear voice of Ukraine," - MP Lutsenko

President calls on the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk to implement a deep, complete reformatting of the Cabinet, as the society does not trust the government.

Poroshenko Bloc faction Chairman Yurii Lutsenko said giving comments to journalists, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc.

According to the politician, the issue is beyond the president's competence.

"It is the responsibility of the prime minister: he must either abandon the thesis, which is untrue from my point of view, that it is "the best government of reformers and fighters against corruption; one for all and all for one, a minister should not be dismissed alone: we will resign together as we have come together." It seems to me that this game is going nowhere for it is evident that there are claims to a half of the composition of this government," Lutsenko said.

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"There is another option: if the prime minister does not do so, the parliament will. The president proposed to restore the Ukrainian government to reestablish credibility of the Ukrainian society, so that we stop going round in circles," he added.

Poroshenko Bloc faction chairman said: "The Poroshenko Bloc faction point of view is that Yatseniuk's problem is not only that he has lost credibility of the population. The problem is that we have ceased to move the country forward. There is a race for political seats. There is a tactical battle between the political forces, but the country is not changing for better."

"The president is right - the country is in political turmoil due to reluctance of the prime minister to hear the voice of Ukraine, the voice of the people - they do not trust both the current government and the parliament," Lutsenko summed up.

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