Russians behaved agressively and haughtily at Munich Security Conference, - US delegates

American delegates to the Munich Security Conference Senator John McCain and former Senator Joe Lieberman describe Russian delegation's behavior at the event as arrogant and aggressive.

Censor.NET informs citing Holos Ameryky.

According to McCain, Russians' behavior resembles that of Putin in 2007 - very aggressive and antagonistic. However, mentioning the Cold War is entirely inappropriate, he said.

The Russian delegates stated that the peace plan in Syria was likely to fail while Russian-backed Assad's forces seized opposition strong points in the vicinity of Aleppo. The French delegates accused Russia of bombing civilian population in Syria, a day after the international community agreed to halt military operations.

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Joe Lieberman, in turn, resented Russia's PM Medvedev coming to the conference and warning the West that it should not allow the start of a new cold war. All this happens in spite of the fact that the Russians have seized Crimea, still have troops deployed in Ukraine and the Middle East, he added.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, also attending the conference, warned Russia there was the only way for it to have the sanctions lifted - withdrawing weapons and the military from Ukraine, releasing POWs, and providing access to the occupied territory.
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