'DPR' refuses to exchange prisoners because Ukraine does not grant amnesty to terrorists

Ukraine does not want to grant amnesty to the terrorists in the Donbas and to exchange prisoners according to the all-for-all formula, while 'DPR' does not agree for an exchange without amnesty.

'Ombudsman' of the 'DPR' ('Donetsk People's Republic') Daria Morozova announced, Censor.NET reports citing RIA Novosti.

"The negotiations on the formula prescribed by the Complex of measures have been suspended. The Ukrainian side did not agree to the format," she said.

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"The paragraphs providing pardon and amnesty for 'DPR' citizens, as well as release and exchange of all hostages and illegally apprehended persons according to all-for-all formula, have not been fulfilled," Morozova said. According to her, constant arrests of 'DPR citizens' by Ukrainian authorities "complicate and slow down the process of all-for-all exchange."

Morozova stressed that militants focus on the need to adopt law on amnesty and stop persecution of the members of terrorist organizations in the Donbas during every meeting on the exchange of prisoners.

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