Training course for National Guard light infantry brigade according to NATO procedure to start tomorrow

A new training course of the National Guard light infantry brigade will start tomorrow, Feb. 15. The new intensive training program for infantrymen was approved by order of the Commander of the National Guard Yurii Allerov.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his Facebook page.

"MPs Anton Herashchenko and Dmytro Yarosh, chief of staff of the Volunteer Ukrainian Army Serhii Ilnytskyi (former career officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), and head of public and political direction Andrii Sharaskin visited the infantry company of the 1st Volunteer Light Infantry Brigade of the National Guard in Hostomel before the start of a new experimental course of combat training. They took a look at the new organizational structure, as well as new management and combat training principles," he wrote.

120 fighters joined the infantry company. All of them are perfect soldiers, most of which have experience in the anti-terrorist operation, Butusov stressed. Many soldiers came from the Armed Forces, while there are also some Right Sector fighters. The military unit was formed of selected volunteers for the first time in Ukraine. The motivation to become a professional soldier, readiness for mutual help, and teamwork skills were the main criteria. No alcohol and violation of discipline, of course, are allowed. The unit has been created in order to take control of one of the front line sections and examine the modern infantry tactics in practice. Simultaneously, 13 armored vehicle crews will be trained in a training center in Zolochiv.

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- The training program is based entirely on NATO and Israeli procedure. It stimulates independence, initiative, and tactical thinking.

- The training course will last four months, despite the fact that all the participants already have basic skills and practical experience.

- The classes will be intensive and take 15 to 17 hours a day. The commander approved new rules of ammunition consumption for the new brigade.

- The course is designed for highly motivated military volunteers willing to work under stress and make decisions in a difficult tactical situation.

- Foreign military instructors are involved. They will also assess the level of knowledge. Israeli instructor Tzvi Arieli, who served six years in the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli special units, took Ukrainian citizenship with the purpose to become an officer of the brigade.

Butusov has also published remarks of deputies addressing the brigade troops.

"Ukraine will be considered an equal partner only if we have capable and battleworthy government institutions, which will rebuff a well-prepared enemy in case of any crisis, such as the breakthrough of Russian troops at Ilovaisk or capture of administrative centers, as in Sloviansk. The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement activity supports the project of the brigade," Anton Herashchenko said.

"The war will last long. It is good that the state started forming professional volunteer units. The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Security and Defense supports the creation of the professional volunteer infantry brigade as part of the National Guard," Dmyto Yarosh commented.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n374216