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 All Kyiv Berkut ‘black company’ members, who fled country, identified, - lawyer of slain Maidan activists' families

These persons were detained by the law enforcement agencies immediately after events on the Maidan but released for unknown reasons soon after. Most of them fled to Russia or Crimea.

Lawyer of the families of the slain Maidan activists Markiian Halabala said on the air of Channel 5, Censor.NET reports.

"Other individuals (except five detained former Berkut soldiers out of 25, who were served notice of suspicion of involvement in the execution of activists on Instytutska Street Feb. 20, 2014 - Ed.) fled to Russia or Crimea. They avoid the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. It's such a shame that these persons were detained by our law enforcement agencies immediately after events on the Maidan and released for unknown reasons later," he said.

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According to the lawyer, all soldiers of the 'black company' of the Kyiv Berkut, who fled to Russia or Crimea, have been identified.

"Every single person, who was member of this Berkut "black company", I should stress that it was particularly Kyiv Berkut company, was local... It was special operations detachment of the Berkut regiment based in Kyiv, which, in fact, was trained to accomplish such missions, and it was them who illegally used firearms against protesters," he said.

He also noted that the Prosecutor General's Office was not aware that the Security Service of Ukraine was involved in search of weapons and their identification.

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"The main procedural burden of inquiry (into Euromaidan events - Ed.) lies on the Prosecutor General's Office, in particular, on the investigators. But the point is that the investigation of the crimes is carried out not only by the PGO investigators, but also by special investigative agents including Interior Ministry and the Security Service detectives. In fact, the operational procedures are carried out by the Security Service and Interior Ministry. As far as I know, these hidden weapons have been found by the Security Service in the course of such operational procedures," he said.

According to the lawyer, law enforcers have actually found evidence that the weapons used to slay Euromaidan activists had been destroyed.

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