General Staff did not initiate Shyrokyi Lan range infrastructure modernization in year of its overburdened use, - volunteer unveils causes of mutiny in 53rd Brigade

The situation with the infrastructure and organization of living conditions for soldiers at the Shyrokyi Lan range is systemic in nature. The 128th, 24th, 28th Brigades were placed in conditions similar to the ones of the 53rd Brigade. During the year of overburdened use of the range, the General Staff has not even found time to initiate plan of the Shyrokyi Lan infrastructure reconstruction to create normal living conditions for troops.

Head of the volunteers' council under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine David Arakhamia (pen-name David Braun) wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the situation with the 53rd Brigade's living conditions does not differ greatly from the one of the 128th, 24th, and 28th Brigades and all the other detachments encamped at Shyrokyi Lan.

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David Arakhamia named the problems at the shooting ground:

- the water in the only well occasionally changes its composition varying from the potable one to the one unsuitable even for laundering.

- the only power transmission line blacks out the entire ground when a welding machine is on, plunging several thousand people into total darkness.

- the shooting range designed for up to 1,500 soldiers has been continuously hosting about 8,000 servicemen over the last six months.

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"Certainly, in this particular case, the main fault for the incident lies with the brigade commander and chairborne commandos. In general, my opinion is that the blame lies with the General Staff authorities, who have not even found time to initiate plan of the Shyrokyi Lan range infrastructure modernization over the year of its overburdened use, to create normal living conditions for troops, similar to ones provided at the Yavoriv ground.

"The act committed by these guys may not meet the army regulations. But the army regulations do not stipulate that they must live in shit for five days either. The guys, who have had no desire to swallow their pride and held a civilized protest, are the role models of a new society but not some protesters for hire, as many people are now trying to show them."

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