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 Ministers Pyvovarskyi, Stets, Pavlenko, and Kvitashvili retract their statements of resignation

Infrastructure Minister of Ukraine Andrii Pyvovarskyi, Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili, Information Policy Minister Yurii Stets, and Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksii Pavlenko withdrew their resignation statements.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainski Novyny.

Alexander Kvitashvili said: "I want to publicly state that I withdraw my resignation letter. I came from Georgia, I am Georgian, and I came to Ukraine to work and fight for the future of this beautiful country."

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Alexander Kvitashvili expressed desire to keep working in the government team without leaving things half done.

"I want to add one thing. I want, I urge, I insist that those bills which have been submitted to the parliament seven months ago, must be adopted... Not adopted, they deprive us of the opportunity to develop operating, advanced health system meeting European standards. Please, provide us with this opportunity! We are ready to fight for the future of Ukraine!" he said.

Andrii Pyvovarskyi stressed: "I retract my statement provided that the principles just voiced by my colleagues will be fulfilled."

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Among the conditions, the minister named establishing an adequate level of salaries for senior officials, as well as the possibility to implement already initiated reforms, including in the field of public procurement of Ukrzaliznytsia State railroad enterprise.

"I fully understand the responsibility for the fate of the country in these hard and historic times. I want to publicly withdraw my resignation statement," Minister Pavlenko said.

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At the same time Yurii Stets said: "I publicly declare that I retract my resignation statement."

Stets noted that the dialogue with society can provide an opportunity to save the unity of Ukraine.

According to him, the representatives of all government agencies must publicly report on the activities of their agencies.

The minister called on members of the government and heads of government bodies to inform the media and anti-corruption agencies of attempts to put pressure on them by politicians, oligarchs or law enforcement agencies.

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