Zakharchenko's thugs eliminate Troya unit as 92 militants gone missing

Troya militants, unlucky to sustain massive losses in a conflict with the infamous "DPR" leader, claim 92 unit fighters are gone missing after Zakharchenko's people attacked their base in Ozerianivka. The captives are said to have been packed in black bags, loaded onto trucks, and taken away in an unknown direction.

This is announced in a statement of official representative of the Russian-based "Donetsk Republic" social movement Yevgeny Shabayev to Alexander Zakharchenko, published on the unit's official social media page, as well as on Shabayev's page, Censor.NET reports referring to Chetverta Vlada.

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боевики наемники разборки троя

As reported, Troya consisted mainly of cossacks and veterans of local conflicts, most of them being citizens of the Russian Federation. During 18 months in service, the unit repeatedly received gratitude from the "DPR" leaders. However, on Jan. 29-30, a "blatant anti-constitutional event" took place.

"On Jan. 29, commander of Troya reconnaissance company Novikov (callsign Bely), following the order, arrived at the prosecutor's office in Horlivka, after which he was abducted, while his guards were shot in the back. Both men are currently staying in the intensive care unit of Horlivka city hospital. Later on, a group of masked men, showing no permission, accessed Troya base in Ozerianivka village, capturing 15 utility workers and taking away the unit's equipment and other material property in an unknown direction.

"On the same day, unknown military units arrived at Troya base on Dachna Street and undertook an attack. As it was a high security facility at the contact line, the reconnaissance company took the fight. As a result, in view of the significant superiority of the enemy, by midday Jan. 30, 2016, nine Troya fighters were captured by unknowns, seven men managed to break out from the encirclement, while the fate of 92 others remains unknown.

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"According to the escaped militants, the unknowns in two ZIL trucks took people, presumably the company fighters, away in black bags on the night of Jan. 30-31," the statement notes.

Shabayev insists that the "DPR" leader should unveil the location of 24 captives and 92 missing Troya militants. As previously reported, the fight that occurred between militants in Horlivka claimed the life of bypassing civilian Pavlo Fedoryshchenko.
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