People's Front set to protect MP Levus prosecuted by PGO

People's Front faction in the Verkhovna Rada will do its utmost to protect MP Andrii Levus faced with criminal proceedings.

"Today's announcement of lifting sanctions [against former Ukrainian officials - ed.] is a canary in a coal mine for the Prosecutor General's Office. As for the criminal proceedings instituted against people's deputy Levus, he is not anxious about it as he understands they will bully him. Because we have stepped on toes of the corrupt officials," faction chairman Maksym Burbak told Censor.NET.

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According to him, the faction will do its utmost to protect Levus. "We do not fail our comrades, People's Front we are!" he said.

"We talked to a lawyer. Legally, the situation is as follows. Let's say for example you'll file a complaint against me for offending and interfering with your journalistic activity. Under the new legislation, police must open a criminal case within 24 hours," Burbak said, adding the claim against Levus was filed by some Opposition Bloc MP.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n371505