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 State defense order should become impetus to Ukraine's economic development, - Poroshenko

The development of Ukroboronprom subsidiaries and fulfillment of Ukraine's defense order should stimulate Ukraine's economic growth.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Presidential Administration press service, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced it at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council on Wednesday.

"The state defense order should not only ensure the increase of combat potential of the Armed Forces and other military formations, but also become a powerful impetus to the growth of national economy," the head of state noted.

According to Poroshenko, the mid- and long-term planning is currently in progress at military and industrial enterprises, with the rearmament of troops being underway.

"It is important both for the enterprises and state," he emphasized.

The president asked to accelerate the development and adoption of the State Target Defense Program for the Development of Armament and Military Equipment by 2020.

"This will let us know what types of weapons will be put into mass production and delivered to the Armed Forces in the next four years," Poroshenko said.

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The president stressed the state defense order for 2016 had been increased by 34 percent. "Over the past two years, Ukraine's military and industrial enterprises have been predominantly repairing damaged equipment and modernizing certain samples of armament. Today, we must provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with up-to-date equipment meeting the ultimate requirements of modern hostilities," Poroshenko remarked.

According to the president, the state is currently focused on the production and procurement of new samples of armament and equipment designed by national enterprises over the past two years. "We increase the financial support of development and engineering efforts in order to expand the range of military products produced by the national military and industrial facilities," he stated.

Poroshenko believes Ukraine should gradually substitute all imports by its own products: electronics, communication and counterbattery means, radars.

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According to Poroshenko, an agreement has been reached in the course of his and government's international visits on setting up joint production facilities in Ukraine on the basis of Ukroboronprom enterprises with an aim to produce quality and up to date weaponry.

The head of state drew special attention to the necessity of analysis and clarification of the existing state projects: production of An-70 military transport aircraft, Corvette warships, and Sapsan multifunctional missile system.

The president also emphasized the need for producing missiles and ammunition in Ukraine. "There should not be just slogans and appeals but firm deadlines with necessary funding and orders for the production of the most scarce types of ammunition," he said asking to accelerate the appropriate work.

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