Donbas must acquire permanent special status, Russia’s negotiator Gryzlov says

Russia insists that the Donbas must be legislatively granted permanent special status in line with the formula proposed by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Russian envoy to the negotiations on the settlement in the east of Ukraine Boris Gryzlov told reporters on Wednesday, Censor.NET informs citing Russian Interfax.

"The voting on the Constitution should be strictly linked to the simultaneous adoption of the amendments to Articles 1 and 10 of the law on the special status to make it permanent according to the 'Steinmeier's formula'," Gryzlov said.

"Revision of the amendments to the law on the special status must be agreed upon by the Contact Group," he added.

At the same time, according to Gryzlov, it is necessary to enshrine in the Constitution that "the powers of individuals elected in the Donbas under the separate law will not be terminated in 2017, as the constitutional reform envisages for the entire Ukraine."

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He also noted the need to find a legal way to ensure that the transitional provisions of the Ukrainian Constitution would "make reference to the current version of the Articles 2-9 of the law on the special status and Articles 1 and 10 renegotiated by the Contact Group."

"This formula should be captured in the Constitution of Ukraine," Gryzlov concluded.

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