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 Ukrainian soldier Starskyi compares National Guard light infantry brigade selection program with US Marines’ hell week. PHOTO

A Ukrainian military reveals details of the selection to the light infantry brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Ukrainian serviceman Kharytin Starskyi wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

"I can finally tell about it (besides, I fawningly promised the instructors to write down a post). I and my Bro have successfully passed the selection to the light infantry brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. Just a quarter of the total number of candidates had made it through the selection procedure. I was skeptical about it first, but when I saw with my own eyes that physically fit big guys with combat experience were voluntarily pulling off their vests quitting the selection, I realized how serious it was. The program closely echoes the U.S. marines' hell week with soldiers overleaping long-distance marches carrying logs and imitated wounded soldiers, thousands of push-ups, and constant team work. I have lost three kilos during three days. There were twenty hours of daily muscle loading accompanied by insupportable pain and loss of breath or one was simultaneously sweating and freezing over at the drill ground staying in front support, doing endless exercises virtually without time to sleep," he wrote.

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"The instructors and psychologists were skillfully forcing you to strongly consider whether you actually belonged there. No one was immune to injuries either: I have severely injured my leg running a six-kilometer distance feeling as if my knee was twisted in the opposite direction like flamingo's one. But I forced myself to finish the distance then, though not without instructor's urging. There were multi-kilometer long forced marches with imitated injured soldiers and logs being carried and obstacle courses... I realized that I would either injure myself more or pass the test - there was only one way to find it out. Luckily I had a bandage and a colleague shared a painkilling balm with me. I am sure that we are able to overcome anything after all these tests. We are willing to learn and improve our capabilities to excel our enemy. The guys, who have passed selection together with me, have combat experience acquired in the anti-terrorist operation. They are ready to efficiently counteract those Russian green men, who are allegedly not present in Ukraine. It was hard. But it's going to be even harder. However, this fiendish school of hard knocks really helps to bury the remains of one's weaknesses in a trench and prepare for the hard, extremely hard, but men's work. As our colleagues from the United States Marine Corps say: 'yesterday was the only easy day for you'," Starskyi wrote.

бригада гвардії легкої національної піхоти україни

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