Ukraine urges Budapest Memorandum parties to hold consultations, - Klimkin on Lavrov's statement

Russia renders the Budapest Memorandum as selectively as it treats the Minsk agreements, so Ukraine encourages all guarantor-states to hold new consultations.

This was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, Censor.NET reports referring to Interfax-Ukraine.

"I got acquainted with the statement of the head of the Russian diplomatic authority about Russia allegedly not having violated its commitments under the Budapest Memorandum. I'm once again convinced of Russia's particular treatment of international documents - as the case with the Minsk agreements, Moscow reads the Budapest Memorandum from the end and does it very selectively," Klimkin said.

Klimkin invited all representatives of the Russian government to "carefully re-read the entire text of the Budapest Memorandum and make sure it includes not only paragraphs 4 and 5, where nuclear weapons are mentioned."

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At the same time, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister stressed that the Russian Federation had violated all other paragraphs. "It has been violating paragraph 1 of the Budapest Memorandum, which stipulates that independence, sovereignty, and existing borders of Ukraine should be respected. Russia has been violating paragraph 2 of the Memorandum, where it pledged not to use any weapons against Ukraine," Klimkin recalled.

In addition, over the last few years, the Russian Federation has been regularly violating paragraph 3 of the Budapest Memorandum, exercising economic pressure "aimed at subordinating Ukraine's sovereign rights to its own interests."

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"Given the fact that Lavrov's statements question Russia's commitments under paragraph 6 of the Budapest Memorandum, we respectively once again propose to hold consultations with all its signatories. Unfortunately, all our previous proposals to convene such consultations were ignored by Russia. Why should someone so convinced of non violating the Memorandum shun such consultations?" the minister said.

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