Yarosh's ally Bilozerska discloses who left Right Sector for new movement

Most of the Right Sector battalions have quit the organization with Dmytro Yarosh, intending to be later included in a new movement.

Well-known blogger and Yarosh's ally Olena Bilozerska told Censor.NET in an interview, when asked about how many people had joined the new movement and what was the percentage of those coming from Right Sector.

"I do not have and can not have such statistics. Moreover, I can not imagine who may have it. Our both combat battalions - the 5th and the 8th, medical battalion "Hospitallers" (i.e. the vast majority of combat units), and several reserve battalions (from Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk) have followed Yarosh from the Right Sector. This also concerns our military wing. There are a lot of party cells that have joined us. That is, most of the Right Sector came with us, but I can not tell you a specific percentage," Bilozerska said.

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Most of reserve battalions as well as two combat units, she said, chose not to leave the Right Sector, but they are small in terms of people.

"Speaking about completely new people, coming from outside, they are many. Our movement is just being formed, and no one has joined it officially, even me. I mean, people are showing interest and negotiating. Everything will clear up after the congress," Bilozerska said.

Read the full text of interview with Olena Bilozerska here (in Ukrainian).
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