Batkivshchyna will not vote for Constitution amendments at second reading, - MP Lutsenko

Batkivshchyna parliamentary faction will not vote at the second reading for the amendments to Constitution relating to decentralization.

This was announced by Batkivshchyna faction MP Ihor Lutsenko in a commentary to Censor.NET.

"We will not vote because the text includes two unacceptable issues. They are the so-called special status of the Donbas and decentralization, which is in fact centralization, by means of introducing the concept of prefect. We could vote, theoretically, if the provision about the Donbas is eliminated. But decentralization stipulates for serious enforcement of the president's vertical. I would not vote for that.

"What shall we do? We shall return to the coalition agreement which stipulates for all of these. It outlines not only major theses, but also the procedures. This issue is undermining the parliamentary majority. It might eventually disintegrate," Lutsenko said.

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The voting for the abovementioned amendments to the Constitution, Lutsenko says, might become the synonym of the coalition disintegration.

As reported, President Petro Poroshenko said earlier he was certain that the parliament would support the amendments to the Constitution by the end of 2016. "I have no doubts we have these 300 votes," the president said.

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