Army reform involves creating two separate management structures, - Minister Poltorak

Ukrainian army will gradually switch to NATO standards.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said during a round table dedicated to reforms within the Ukrainian army, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"To improve the efficiency of direct administration carried out by Ukraine's military authorities, two separate management structures will be set up. The first will encompass manning, training, supply, and intelligence. The second one will command troops and decide on their usage. We clearly distribute tasks which will be assigned to command authorities," the minister said.

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Poltorak also elaborated on basic principles of the reform. "First of all, there should be a democratic, civilian control over the Armed Forces. It's also about distributing powers and responsibility between the MoD and the General Staff, including the formation of defense policy and its implementation; delegating authority by top command to the lowest management level; increasing the responsibility of officials, military authorities for the given tasks as well as transparency in administrative and personnel decision-making at all levels," he said.

The minister also recalled the army would gradually switch to NATO standards.

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"This will allow us in the future, in the course of our cooperation with NATO, to understand each other, work and plan, using common principles," he said.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak named the strategic goals of the reform: "The strategic goals of the military reform are determined with account for the economic capacity of the state and in order of priority. First, it is carrying out military leadership by means of defense forces, using principles and standards of Alliance member states. Second, it is introducing an effective defense planning and defense resource management with the use of modern Euro-Atlantic approaches. Third, it is acquiring key operational, combat, special capabilities by defense forces for a guaranteed resistance to armed aggression. Fourth, it is creating a unified system of logistics, capable of supplying defense forces with everything necessary during their use. And one of the main strategic goals out there is professional training of defense forces and creation of a military reserve ready to fulfill defense tasks."
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