Militants tip toe around subjects at Minsk talks, give no definite response to Ukrainian proposals, - MP Iryna Herashchenko

Verkhovna Rada deputy, Commissioner of the president of Ukraine on the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas Iryna Herashchenko released information about today’s talks in Minsk.

Censor.NET reports citing the lawmaker's statement published on Facebook.

Herashchenko wrote: "It was an extremely hard day in Minsk. The tactics of our opponents chosen by them back in May involved backpedaling. They have not responded or repelled all constructive proposals of the Ukrainian side. In the humanitarian subgroup, we have never received a definite answer to a specific proposal for a mutual release of more than 50 people initiated by us Jan. 6 and Jan. 13.

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"But they have voiced something like "we'll release 17 and you'll release 63" today, right during the meeting... In this case, there is an obvious desire to solve issues of prisoners release not in a humanitarian subgroup or Tripartite Contact Group but in some behind-the-scenes process. They use tactics of blackmailing again.

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"There is no progress in the political subgroup as well. In the subgroup on security, there is also no clear answer why the number of attacks on our troops, cities and villages increases after each loud statement and promise of the complete cease-fire. And the growing aggression against OSCE observers is totally incomprehensible. For example, OSCE observers have recently been put on the snow-covered ground near Horlivka and kept there for an hour. One can talk about the creeping escalation of the conflict (in Yevhen Marchuk's apt words)," the MP said.

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Herashchenko added: "It is obvious that we cannot proceed to the political items without full and comprehensive implementation of the items of the Minsk agreements regarding security, including cease-fire, withdrawal of weapons with its further verification by the OSCE, granting access for observers to the entire occupied territory, withdrawal of foreign troops and equipment, disarmament, and the key one - regaining control over the border. All the dangerous backgrounds must be eliminated and humanitarian items must be fulfilled. This was today's tough stance of representative of Ukraine to the Tripartite Contact Group Leonid Kuchma."

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