Former Russian insurgent: “Militants from Donbas will flood to Russia, where various surprises could be expected from them”

Former Russian mercenary, who used to fight in the Donbas, told about decadent moods among “LPR/DPR” militants and their future prospects.

In his interview to Rosbalt, a disappointed militant named Alexey told that there has been no stardust on the occupied territories of the Donbas, Censor.NET informs.

"There was this dirt of fratricidal war. Many of those who arrived recently return back after a week. It's very harsh there at the moment, there are no more units of insurgents, Cossack outlaws. If you want to fight, you go to a local military recruitment office, file a report, lease a room and wait until they check you up and decide whether to sign a contract with you… There are few people left there, and half of those who remain are locals, who will fight no more…

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"Some of the local guys that I served with have contacted me asking whether they could find a job here. They would like to come to Russia. They have nothing good to expect there, especially after the [Ukrainian - ed.] authorities return. Everyone knows everything about them - who did what, who lives where, where parents are…" the Russian said, noting that record files of insurgents are in Kyiv, and he himself saw a picture of his contract on a Ukrainian website.

He said that no one among terrorists believes in amnesty.

"Everyone will flee here; all who were silent there would come here, to my home [Russia - ed.]. And who will be guilty of all their misfortunes? Ukraine? No! Russia, who lured them and betrayed afterwards. We should certainly expect various surprises from them," former insurgent noted.

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