Russian militant commented on mercenaries’ blow-up in Syria: “They could have been eliminated by friends so that they didn’t talk of ‘novorossia’”

Russian mercenaries who wanted to fight in Syria were sent there via Luhansk.

This was announced by former 'militant' named Alexey in an interview to Rosbalt, Censor.NET informs.

"I heard that everyone who wanted to go to Syria was sent there via Luhansk. Private military companies were not sent from Russia. Those who wanted to, they went to Luhansk and looked for Wagner [terrorist leader who had been killed after returning from Syria - ed.]. The Russian guy from St. Petersburg who was killed in Syria, he got there via Luhansk, through a collection station of a private military company," the mercenary said.

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He also disclosed details of the Russian soldiers' tripping a landmine in Syria.

"21 persons of a private military company tripped a landmine in Syria in early December. This was openly discussed at the base in Luhansk. They were saying that the soldiers could have possibly been killed by friends to decrease the number of witnesses of their 'novorossia' deeds. After that, the remains of the detachment were redeployed from Syria to the Donbas; they were in Luhansk on Dec. 26-27," the militant noted, saying that the large convoy that returned from Syria included new howitzers, 'Giatsints,' tanks, and armored vehicles.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n370076