Russian militant comments on killings of terrorist warlords: “Clean-up of those connected with the Kremlin is underway”

A Russian militant who fought in the Donbas told why he believed the elimination of rebels’ leaders had started.

Former mercenary named Alexey disclosed some details of terrorist leaders' killings by Russian secret services in an interview to Rosbalt, Censor.NET reports.

He says was surprised to learn that famous warlord Wagner - commander of 'Wagner' private military company (PMC) Dmitriy Utkin - was suddenly announced bandit in the "Luhansk People's Republic" for allegedly holding young girls imprisoned and torturing them, as well as having killed their father.

The news of his death caused universal delirium among rebels. Wagner still was not forgiven for the killing of Alexander 'Batman' Bednov, leader of "LPR" armed gangs, and six more Russians on Jan. 1, 2015; killings of Cossacks in Krasnyi Luch; disarmament of a Krasnodon unit and arrest of its commander Foma. Also, special operatives from Wagner's unit are believed to be behind the blow-up of Cossack leader Pavel Dremov.

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Former rebel is certain that Dremov was killed by Wagner's people. "As long as Dremov was silent, he was needed… But as soon as he resented, he found his problems… No one believes that Dremov was killed by 'Ukrop' [derogatory for Ukrainians - ed.] sabotage and reconnaissance group. It was a professional job; experts put the explosive device directly into his car. Wagner's unit included explosive experts. They used to serve in Plotnitskiy's security."

The Russian also commented on weird death of another well-known militant Botsman (Russia's GRU officer Yevgeniy Kononov), who participated in five wars and allegedly died from cold.

The militant expressed his belief that all commanders were killed because "there would be no novorossia, no "LPR" and "DPR"; the brains of everyone will be washed, and everything will return back to Ukraine. Those who are able to gather people against it should be killed. Batman was the loudest one against treachery and Kremlin tricks - he was killed first" by Wagner.

According to the mercenary, Wagner himself was killed after returning from Syria to the Donbas for 'knowing too much.'

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"They say, Wagner was ordered the killing of Batman by the Kremlin. Now it's the second wave - those connected to high-profile officials from Moscow are being cleaned up and dismissed. So that no one tells anything," the militant said.

According to him, rebels of killed Batman joined the Cossacks of killed Dremov and are currently dislocated in Luhansk suburbs.

"All of them are against Plotnitskiy! All of the militants are against him! They are waiting for their time. As soon as they are told to, they will point their guns against him…. The sleaze has started. Now their task is to withdraw all rebels with Russian passports from there. After that, they don't care what happens to those who stay - that is Ukrainian land. The border will be closed and the mousetrap locked," the soldier forecasts.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n370069