The occupants ultimately killed the freedom of speech in Crimea – Minister Stets

Russian occupation authorities in the Crimea ultimately suppressed the freedom of speech, having made the work of impossible journalists impossible.

Minister of Information Policy Yurii Stets said, Censor.NET reports citing the Government portal.

"The aim for punitive operations is the inability of professional activity of journalists and independent media, destruction of the freedom of expression, intimidation of the population and suppression of any disagreement by the repressive policies of the current 'Crimean authorities'," Stets underlined.

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"The detention and interrogation of the Crimean Tatar journalist Zair Kadyrov, as well as blackmail and unmotivated use of force by the Russian security officials - representatives of the infamous 'riot squad' - not only demonstrate the unprincipled disregard of the occupational administration to their own Russian legislation and international law, but also is an example of cynical disregard for human rights and international standards of professional ethics," he announced.

An appeal with the requirement to identify all the facts of offenses and establish those responsible for obstructing the professional activities of the Crimean journalists was filed to the Public Prosecutor of the Crimea.

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