Berkut soldiers suspected of crimes against Euromaidan activists have not even showed up for recertification. DOCUMENT

Four members of Berkut riot police suspected of commission of crimes against Euromaidan activists have not been recertified to National police, as the Prosecutor General's Office claimed. The order on their reassignment to the positions in National police is dated Nov. 7 when all the police officers automatically became temporary members of the National police. The recertification itself actually began in December.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"The position of the Prosecutor General's Office that the Berkut soldiers suspected of the crimes committed on the Maidan have allegedly passed recertification was announced in its statement at a press conference. It is clear now what exactly they have meant by the recertification - when all the police officers were disbanded Nov. 7, they became officers of the National police. The order was signed by former head of the Kyiv police Tereshchuk, who has already been dismissed from the police," he wrote.

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беркут нацполиция переаттестация

"In fact, the recertification [to the ranks] of the National Police with the participation of the representatives of ICITAP agency, U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission began in Dec. 2015. The qualification card filled by the Certification Commission is the evidence that the person has passed re-certification. The authorities of the National police make decision to engage a person for the position on the basis of this certificate. The suspected Berkut soldiers lack all of this - they have not shown up to undergo recertification apparently realizing their chances. The decision concerning all those who have not passed recertification will be taken soon, so they will not stay long on their positions," the journalist wrote.

"If the PGO directed a corresponding inquiry to the National police, they would have been demonstrated and explained all of this. But since the Prosecutor General's Office was quick to make a statement having neglected to check it, we've got a scandal out of the blue. Obviously, the PGO is not going to apologize," Butusov stated.

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Director of the Department of Communications of the Interior Ministry Artem Shevchenko confirmed this in his comment to Butusov's post.

"All four excerpts from the order, according to which the four infamous Berkut soldiers have allegedly been recertified to the National police, are dated Nov. 7. That was the day when the police ceased to exist, and all its employees were temporarily enrolled among the ranks of the National police. All of them have inevitably faced actual recertification since then. And it started in December. These four Berkut soldiers have definitely not passed it. If the PGO sent inquiry, it would have got the clear answer on that issue. It is unclear why have the Prosecutor General's Office heaved the information waves in a teacup," Shevchenko wrote.

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