Compliance with IMF agreement is most important reform accomplishment of 2015, - Ambassador Pyatt

U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt believes that the most important reform accomplishment in 2015 was continued compliance with the International Monetary Fund.

As reported by Censor.NET, he said this in an interview to Ukrainski Novyny.

"In terms of 2015, the single most important reform accomplishment was continued compliance with the IMF agreement. Ukraine historically has had a very poor record in terms of sticking to its IMF agreements. This time, it's been different. That's why that vote on December 25th was so extremely important. And it sends a very important message to the international community - the international financial community - about the commitment of this government to stick to the path of reform," the Ambassador said.

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According to Pyatt, this caused the hryvnia exchange rate to improve in recent weeks, and yields on bonds to decrease.

As reported, technical mission of the IMF will visit Ukraine on Jan. 20.

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