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 Issue of power supplies to occupied Crimea is done deal, - Crimean Tatar leader Dzhemilev

The Crimean Tatar leader, Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemilev believes that Russia will not agree to Kyiv's conditions regarding power supplies to occupied Crimea from the mainland Ukraine, thus the matter of the agreement can be deemed a done deal.

He said this in a commentary to Krym.Realii, Censor.NET reports.

"I think they won't buy it. We had this clear condition on our part that if an agreement is concluded, it will stipulate clearly that we are supplying [power] to the temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation territory of the Crimean Autonomous Republic," he said.

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Director of Strategy XXI Center for global studies Mykhailo Hochar does not believe in the signing of the agreement either. He reminded that the last year's deal on Ukrainian power supplies to Crimea caused a wave of criticism towards Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. This year, the expert says, the authorities would not want the same scenario to repeat.

Honchar believes that Russia would not make political concessions in order to receive Ukrainian electricity for Crimea and save its budget costs.

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Russian Federation's Ministry of Energy does not comment on the possible new agreement regarding power supplies to Crimea. Ukraine's authorities have not yet reacted to the commentaries regarding the energy contract with Crimea.
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