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 Automaidan's lawyer accuses prosecution of defeating cases in courts

The General Prosecutor's Office deliberately ruins Automaidan cases in courts.

Automaidan's lawyer Roman Maselko told LІGA.net, Censor.NET reports.

"Criminal cases are many, but they just get defeated in courts. The investigation materials can not be used as evidence. And when we clearly say what should be done, who must be questioned, what evidence is to be used, it is not done. Cases are taken to court, where they result in acquittals (we already have five of such instances), or get returned to the PGO for finalizing," he said.

According to him, it is all conscious. "Otherwise I'll have to conclude that the prosecutor's office has imbeciles employed, who can't do anything. I'm sure about the opposite: they can. Moreover, they are quite skillful at ruining everything," Maselko said.

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According to him, the investigators, on the one hand, show the progress, accumulating dozens of volumes of cases, on the other hand, the result of their actions is zero. "I believe that the people working there are not stupid, and their actions are most likely deliberate," he added.

Maselko said the lawyers met with Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin and described the problems in certain cases. "Shokin listened to us, agreed, and sent us to his deputy Stoliarchuk. With whom we had to go over the whole situation one more time. Stoliarchuk said we wouldn't jump the gun and see first what the result would be. When it's obvious to me that the deal will fall apart, and the deputy prosecutor general can't foresee this and offers waiting, it at least proves him incompetent," the lawyer remarked.

"They did nothing to correct the errors, just sent the case to court where it fell apart... And neither Shokin nor Stoliarchuk stopped this," he stressed.

When asked whether the government had the political will to investigate these cases, Maselko said: "There are declarations. But my personal impression is that this is just a desire to show the public the existence of the will. The prosecutor's office sends cases to court before some anniversary or an event, or because the activists come forth with a demand. I see no real desire to show some result, just showing off," Maselko resumed.

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