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 Four people died of swine flu in Kyiv in December - January, - Sanitary and Epidemiological Agency

Four people died from pig flu in Kyiv in December and January.

Head of the Kyiv's Sanitary and Epidemiological Agency Oleh Ruban told Ukrainski Novyny, Censor.NET reports.

"Four terminal episodes caused by A/H1/N1 have been recorded since the beginning of the season," he said.

This figure also includes one person who died in early 2016.

According to Ruban, this influenza strain has been spreading in Ukraine since 2009, while half of the population has already had the decease.

Ruban also said that the influenza and acute respiratory disease in Kyiv was below the epidemic threshold.

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The Sanitary and Epidemiological Agency is monitoring the burden of disease daily and confirms that the situation is currently stable.

13,500 people came down with influenza and acute respiratory disease Jan. 4-10. 65 percent of them were children.

The people belonging to the so-called "risk group" - pregnant women, people with diabetes are overweight, and people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system - are the most susceptible to disease.

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