Savchenko might be released in 2016 through negotiations, – lawyer Feigin

Verkhovna Rada deputy of Batkivshchyna faction Nadiia Savchenko might be released from the Russian prison after political negotiations.

One of Savchenko's lawyers, Mark Feigin announced on Channel 112 Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

"She will be convicted. However, Savchenko might be released after political negotiations. Nevertheless, the speed and efficiency of the negotiations for her release will depend on how professionally the evidence is presented, even if it is not taken into account by the court," he said.

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"The defense continues presenting evidence as part of this stage of the process. But the fate of such applications is known. You've seen it all time after time. All the documents which we provide from Kyiv proving that Savchenko is not guilty are rejected. So I do not think that anything will fundamentally change here," he said.

Feigin said that Savchenko feels fine during the hunger strike, and it is too early to worry.

"I believe that the issue will be resolved in 2016. There is a number of factors that indicate the resolution of the issue of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia this year, as the situation in Russia is critical. Negotiations on Ukrainian prisoners are definitely in progress," he added.

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