‘LPR’ militants introduced import restrictions of products from ‘DPR’

Terrorists from the self-proclaimed 'Luhansk People's Republic' have imposed restrictions on the import of products to the temporary occupied territory of the Donbas.

The decision was approved by 'LPR' leaders on Dec. 29, Censor.NET reports citing their website.

According to resolution "On the settlement of certain issues related to the import restrictions on 'LPR' territory,", local citizens can 'import' the following goods for personal use from the territory of Ukraine and the 'DPR' in such amounts:

Meat (fresh, chilled or frozen) - up to 5 kg;
Cooked meat - up to 5 kg;
Vegetable oil - up to 5 kg;
Milk - up to 3 kg;
Dairy products - up to 3 kg;
Fruit and vegetables - up to 50 kg;
Other goods (except for excisable goods), the total customs value of which does not exceed the equivalent of 200 Euros and a total weight of 50 kg;
Alcoholic beverages - up to 1 liter;
Wine - up to 5 liters;
Tobacco products - up to 200 cigarettes (or 200 g).

All of abovementioned products must be imported in personal luggage by adult citizens.

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