Ukraine's SOF to be harmonized with similar NATO units by end of 2017, - Commander Luniov

The concept of creation and development of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) provides for the phased acquisition of operational and combat skills until 2017.

SOF Commander Ihor Luniov told Radio Svoboda, Censor.NET reports.

Representatives of NATO and Lithuania, having the same kind of forces, helped develop the concept.

"During the first phase, in the course of 2016, special forces units will be subject to the SOF command. Management, maintenance, and security units are to be set up. One of the key issues is the creation of a SOF training center," Luniov said.

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"During the second phase, by the end of 2017, all units will have been upgraded as per NATO standards. Ukraine's SOF are to be harmonized with the similar NATO units. Joint exercises with our Western colleagues have already been scheduled," the commander noted.

According to him, the concept has already been approved by the minister of defense, and the legal framework is being developed.

"SOF are a separate kind of forces. The special operations forces law is being developed. The SOF command has been formed. It will be in charge of the military units which are to be transferred to SOF. First of all, these are combat military units, as well as information-psychological operations units," Luniov said.

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