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 Results of year of screening corrupt officials: 2,500 officials prohibited from holding senior positions, 860 - dismissed

860 officials, who came within the purview of law on the cleansing of power, have been dismissed according to the results of the expiring 2015.

Censor.NET reports citing the Public Screening Committee NGO.

"The results of the year of civil servant screening in numbers:

· Three attempts to abolish the Law "on the cleansing of the ranks of power" have been prevented (through the Venice Commission and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine).

· 13 draft amendments to the Law were registered in the parliament. The Verkhovna Rada has supported only one draft amendment.

· 2,557 persons have been registered in the Register of persons, who came within the purview of law on the cleansing of power over nine months of their tenure. They all were prohibited to hold public offices for 10 years (http://lku.org.ua/registry/dashboard)

· 860 people have been dismissed directly under the Law with their registration in the State Register of the Justice Ministry. They were also prohibited to hold public offices for 10 years (http://lustration.minjust.gov.ua/register)

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· 42 senior officials have been excluded from our top 50 of "incompletely purged officials" (http://lku.org.ua/press_articles/380)

· Three of them have been excluded last month after a year of struggle: former Deputy Interior Minister, current First Deputy Head of National Police Vasyl Pascal, Head of Kyiv police Oleksandr Tereshchuk, Commander of Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatolii Pushniakov

· 21 MPs of the current eighth convocation are subjects to restrictions related to civil servant screening

· The Public Screening Committee report covering the first year of civil servant screening in Ukraine consists of 44 pages

· Over 30 journalistic investigations carried out by the Public Council on civil servant screening have revealed violations of the Law on the cleansing of power and corrupt practices of officials.

· Two petitions initiated in 2015 will have action in 2016: dismissal of Interior Minister Avakov (https://itd.rada.gov.ua/petitions/Petition/Index/1007) and dismissal of judges of the Constitutional Court, who criminally conspired with Yanukovych to usurp power.

"Let the New Year be a year of cleansing of power in Ukraine. Happy New Year!"

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