SBU top-ranking official covering up illegal amber extraction exposed

The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed an organized criminal group engaged in the illegal extraction of amber in the Zhytomyr and Rivne regions.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to SBU press service, one of the persons behind group's criminal activity was a top-ranking official within the SBU in the Zhytomyr region.

Using his corrupt ties in public and law enforcement agencies of the Zhytomyr and Rivne regions, the security officer provided a "cover-up" for the members of the gang.

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In addition, he actually stood as a key element of the corruption scheme covering illegal production, transportation, and smuggling of amber.

The SBU has documented the mechanism of transferring money from amber miners to the most influential officials. Also, during the search, law enforcers confiscated a significant amount of stones, amber work, and extraction equipment.

Criminal proceedings under Art. 255 (creation of a criminal organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine have been instituted. The malefactor has been notified of suspicion. The materials of the case have been sent to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine.
      Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n367480