"Russia has long scoffed at toothless Europe but fallen across Turkey, which gave Russian-style response and cut it down to its size in world hierarchy," - Polish political analyst on Russian TV channel

The deterioration of political relations between Turkey and Russia was the result of the Kremlin’s aggressive foreign stance. The situation might result in collapse of the Russian authorities and difficult situation in the Russian Federation.

Polish political analyst Jakub Korejba stated on air of the Russian propaganda TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, Turkey became the first NATO country that responded to the aggressive foreign policy of the Kremlin in Russian manner by downing the Russian bomber over its territory first and then neutralizing operation of the latest Russian air defense systems in Syria.

According to the analyst, these were the first steps. The next steps should be expected soon: following Ukraine, Turkey will close its airspace for Russia thus destroying Aeroflot, and then will be the turn of Rosatom, which will lose all the contracts. Finally, Turkey will force out Gazprom from southern Europe by building gas pipelines from Azerbaijan, Iran, and Qatar.

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