Yarosh to leave Right Sector and create new organization

Former leader of the Right Sector party Dmytro Yarosh announces creation of a new patriotic movement.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Sector Pravdy, Yarosh's announcement reads as follows.

"I believe that as of today, the Right Sector has fulfilled its mission of a revolutionary organization. This includes fighting at the Maidan and creation of the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps with the purpose of the fitting rebuff to the outside aggressor.

"Our movement has grown, strengthened, and is reaching new level. Now we would like to be a national patriotic movement with the purpose of uniting all patriots of Ukraine. Without radicalism and liberal demagogic," Yarosh stressed.

"Our goal remains to build the Ukrainian independent unified state. Our task is double: to preserve the existing state as a foundation for receiving national statehood, and to conduct revolutionary changes in it that will secure Ukrainian people's freedom, justice, and prosperity," the politician notes.

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"We do not abandon the revolutionary way, but we reject pseudo-revolutionary activities that pose a threat to the state's existence of Ukraine and harms patriots' image. We are in opposition to the acting authorities, but do not deem bloody and failing riots against it appropriate. For the reasons above I and my team are leaving the National liberation movement "Right Sector"," the message reads.

"We are initiating creation of a new social and political movement, the founding congress to which is scheduled for February. We are now working on its development, philosophy for activities, and major principles," Yarosh announced.

"Regarding the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps which had defended Pisky, the [Donetsk] airport, Shyrokyne, Savur-Mohyla, had created medical battalion 'Hospitaliery', it has to continue to grow and develop to the new level. They will be reorganized into the Volunteer Ukrainian army and become a part of our new movement. We continue to fight at the front against our external aggressor at the frontline and develop out state at the rear," the politician announced.

"We are grateful to our comrades. Our movement is open to any patriot of Ukraine who shares our values and is supportive of the Right Sector," he stressed.

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