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 Several mortar shells fired by pro-Russian militants from different types of weapons at Zaitseve hit civilian houses, killing one – ATO HQ

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) headquarters reported on the details of the yesterday's mortaring of Zaitseve village.

"Yesterday, Dec. 26, Russia-controlled armed groups fired several times at the positions of the ATO forces located near the village of Zaitseve. The militants did not limit themselves in firepower: they fired from small arms, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, antiaircraft guns, 82-mm mortars, as well as tanks, which had to be withdrawn at a significant distance from the line of collision according to the Minsk Аgreements," Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.

Several shells hit houses of local civilians during the attack. One of the houses caught fire. Ukrainian soldiers rushed to give first aid to local residents. In one of the houses, they found an elderly woman who suffered multiple shrapnel wounds as a result of a mortar shell hit. Ukrainian soldiers began to provide first aid, trying to evacuate the woman to the nearest medical facility under continuing fire. However, the condition of the wounded woman was very bad and she died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

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Civilian woman killed by militants in Zaitseve mortaring

"This tragic incident is one more evidence to the fact that the invaders of the so-called self-proclaimed republics and their Moscow curators continue breaking all sorts of agreements on the peaceful settlement of the conflict. Thus, their statements about the safety and welfare of the people of the Donbas are just empty words," the press center stressed.

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