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 Kominternove is occupied by terrorists. Partial weapons withdrawal was caused by OSCE visit – Biletskyi

Pro-Russian militants continue controlling the village of Kominternove in the Donetsk region. Military equipment was withdrawn just to throw dust in the eyes of the OSCE observers and journalists.

After the visit, the militants returned to their positions. Andrii Biletskyi, MP and Azov regimental commander, told Hromadske TV, Censor.NET reports.

Since the militants' invasion into Kominternove on Dec. 22, five tanks and eight armored vehicles were located in the village, he told.

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"Kominternove is occupied by the separatists right now, just as well as yesterday and the day before yesterday. The withdrawal has lasted for about four hours. And it was caused by the visit of the OSCE observers and Russian journalists to the village. Military equipment was withdrawn to the neighboring village of Zaichenko, where it was actually dislocated. Afterwards, the terrorists returned to their positions," Biletskyi said.

Azov commander is convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not fight for Kominternove village. "There are no plans to liberate the village. And it will be quite problematic right now. Such operation would definitely cost a lot of blood and could in fact be interpreted as a violation of the Minsk Agreements by the Army," the MP added.

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