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 Militants left Kominternove, - ATO press center

The militants have retreated from Kominternove taking heavy weapons with them.

Censor.NET reports citing the latest update by the ATO press center.

"The gangs controlled by the Russian authorities retreated thanks to the effective cooperation of the ATO forces' command and international observers, prompt public reporting on the course of events and the strict adherence to cease-fire by the Ukrainian troops.

"First, they hurried out equipment and heavy weapons from Kominternove village, and then the members of the illegal armed groups themselves left the village in groups," the statement reads.

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The ATO press center drew attention to the fact that Kominternove had no strategic or operational value from a military point of view. Therefore the militants planned to slay civilians together with the detachments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a provocation through complete destruction of the village by the missile and cannon artillery strikes.

"The situation on the outskirts of Mariupol is fully controlled. The ATO command is carefully monitoring all the developments of the operational environment in this area, the forces and facilities of the Ukrainian troops are ready to provide an adequate response to any possible challenges and threats on the part of the invaders," the press center noted.

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