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 Investigator who fabricated accusation against Automaidan activist during Revolution of Dignity underwent recertification by commission with this activist as its member

Law enforcement officer who forged accusation against Automaidan activist Oleksandr Kravtsov during the Revolution of Dignity serving as investigator in the Obolon district police precinct in Kyiv, has underwent recertification carried out by the commission with this activist in its composition.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Here is an example from my experience as a member of the commission. Another member of our commission is Oleksandr Kravtsov (who put the issue of Berkut soldiers out for public discussion). He was in the patrol group of Automaidan, which was attacked by the soldiers of the 1st company of the Kyiv Berkut Regiment on the Kriposnyi Lane in Jan. 2013. He was severely beaten by "law enforcement officers". Oleksandr was arrested on a false charge and taken to the Obolon district police precinct, where he was put under arrest without any reason," Butusov wrote.

"Kravtsov was attended by one of the heads of the police precinct, a man of culture, highly educated person with extensive experience. He was citing poetry; was very charismatic, and offered to conclude a deal with the investigation: Oleksandr would have admitted guilt in forged crime in exchange for a conditional sentence and would have been released. Kravtsov refused. And then this "charismatic law enforcer" summoned young investigator Tetiana Bondar and instructed her to fabricate a case against Oleksandr. When she heard what she was required to do and saw what condition Kravtsov was in, she immediately refused to fulfill superiors' orders (investigator Bondar still works there and I hope she will pass recertification)," he wrote.

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"After that, the "charismatic law enforcer" summoned another investigator and gave the same order, which was fulfilled," the journalist expressed with outrage.

According to him, some days ago, this "charismatic law enforcer" was assigned to undergo re-certification by the Commission with Kravtsov in its composition. "I have no right to disclose the results of re-certification of one of the former heads of the Obolon district police precinct as there is no official order yet, but the position of the Commission was unanimous."

"Yes, he is an expert, but the man with such moral cannot protect law," Butusov added his opinion.

"What I saw during the recertification was absolutely tough and hard-edged stand of all the volunteers concerning the senior staff of the former 'militia'. I sincerely hope that the entire power will be recertified as transparent as it has been organized in the Interior Ministry by the efforts of the staff of the National police, volunteers and ICITAP agency of the U.S. Department of Justice," Butusov summed up.

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